Belle's IceTherapy Facial Roller
Belle's IceTherapy Facial Roller
Belle's IceTherapy Facial Roller
Belle's IceTherapy Facial Roller
Belle's IceTherapy Facial Roller
Belle's IceTherapy Facial Roller

Belle's IceTherapy Facial Roller

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Get Smoother, Healthier Skin and Reduce Puffiness with the #1 Facial Therapy Roller of 2022

"I was extremely skeptical about this iceroller!! Having sensitive skin, I was worried if this would make my acne worse. But after a week I already see results! My acne has toned down a lot and my eyes are less puffy when I wake up. I do it like 2-3x a times day now it just feels so nice and the fact that its goood for me makes it so much better! And this thing is cold but not too cold that it starts hurting over time, it just the right amount of coldness and it just feels soo good." - 5/5 A.S -Verified Review

 As seen on TikTok, Snapchat & Instagram. Our Ice Therapy lives up to its reputation as the #1 Facial Roller of 2022!

Your Morning Routine just got better with our #1 IceTherapy Facial roller!

We created this facial roller with the goal to boost confidence in women with your beautiful facial features! The perfect way to start the day with a refreshing, cool-sensational feeling while moving the roller across your face. Improves your skin by tightening and shrinking pores to improve dry skin. Eliminates puffiness and inflammation by transferring heat out with a cold surface safely closing pores for a tighter look!

Our skin can feel puffier and inflamed through the summer heat as it opens your pores up which can lead to dryer skin, hyperpigmentation, Inflammatory Acne, and Rosacea. Raw ice cubes can be harmful to the skin due to being too cold and leaving your skin in shock, with possible frostbite. Our Ice roller is made with facial stones to hold its cooling temperature that is safe for the face.

  • Soothing and Massage Sensation - Our IceTherapy Facial Roller made with Facial stone and the combination of cold temperatures with a rolling surface, creates a relaxing feeling that feels like a massage.
  • Reduces Facial and Eye Puffiness - The IceTherapy Facial Roller tightens and shrinks pores with cold temperatures that release the heat trapped in your skin and reduce inflamed skin and Eye puffiness.
  • For Hot Weather - Our IceTherapy Facial Roller is perfect for people who live in hotter weather as your skin is always drier which leads to inflamed skin and other acne problems. 
  • Prevents Dry skin - The IceTherapy Facial Roller helps prevent dry skin by shrinking pores and releasing trapped heat.
  • Reduces wrinkles - Our roller tightens skin through cold temperatures which helps reduce wrinkles.
  • Shapes Cheekbones and Jawline - The combination of rolling motion and cold temperatures help shape your skin by tightening which creates a more lifted look.
  • Helps alleviate Anxiety - Our IceTherapy Facial Roller helps alleviate anxiety by cooling you down on your face to release stress and inner build-up. Releasing the heat on your face helps you feel calmer.
  • Great for Migraines - Similar to anxiety, the IceTherapy Facial Roller helps reduce stress by cooling you down literally. By removing trapped heat from your face helps you cool down and reduce headache pain.
  • Reduce neck and facial redness - The IceTherapy Facial Roller helps reduce neck and facial redness by releasing heat trapped in the skin's pores. Our roller can be used on your neck, arms, legs, and face


    • Easy to prepare and use - Simply put it in the freezer overnight and on a clean dry face roll over in an upward motion. For example up, down, and end on the upward motion.
    • Helps reduce inflammation and puffiness- The cooling sensation tightens and shrinks your pores which releases the trapped heat in the skin to reduce puffiness.
    • Feels AMAZING on the skin - A cooling rolling sensation feels like a massage on your skin


    Waking up with a poofy face can feel demotivating... BUT with our LIFESAVING IceTherapy Facial Roller in your morning routine, you can expect a more lifted look and reduced puffiness which will boost your confidence for the rest of the day :)

    Helps shape your face and Jawline - Creating a more lifted/tightened look

    The cooling stone roller helps release trapped heat in your skin by tightening and shrinking your pores with the cold temperature making it easier to direct and shape your skin for a lifted look.

    How to use:


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      Details: 2022 Release

      • Soothing and Massaging sensation
      • Reduced Inflamed Skin and Puffy Eyes
      • Reduces dry skin and Acnes
      • Creates a lifted and tighter look 
        Materials and Care:
        • Content:
          • Stone
          • Abs
        • Care
          • Wash with soap 


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