FAQ NailSpark

Common questions about our NailSpark™ Polygel Nails

FAQ for our NailSpark™ Kit

No UV with your order? 

The UV Gift is only for your first order with Starter kits!

Please confirm that you ordered the starter kit version which also states the FREE UV LIGHT on the option. You can confirm what you ordered by checking your confirmation email. The Polygel + Tips version is for customers who want to try new colors and already have tools needed and does not include the UV. Email us UV at support@belleattheball.com for more information.

The Polygel is too sticky and messy: Just does not work? 

For the Polygels to work you need a Base Coat, Slip Solution, UV, and Top Coat. You can use a comfortable Base and Top coat you may have at home, and also use rubbing alcohol as a slip solution. The slip solution helps mold and form the polygel and becomes less "sticky & messy". The polygel version with tips is meant for customers who already have these tools at home or are buying new colors only, we recommend to get the starter kit version for new customers with a base and top coat if you do not have one at home.

How to prep your nails? Find Base+Top Coat here: Base+Top Coat

Clip your nails, remove any nail growth and buff corners. Remove any dead skin in cuticle areas, and scrape off any build-up with gentle pressure. This is important for your polygel to have a clean nail plate to lay on and stay on for a long time. To remove shine from your nails, you can use a buffer. Use 99% isopropyl alcohol, topical version, to clean any dust or residue on the nail plate. Then apply your base coat, now your ready to apply the polygel!

How to use polygel (steps):

  1. Prep your nail and apply base coat
  2. The fake nail tips (forms) should fit your nail side to side
  3. Apply the gel onto the nail tip (squeeze some in)
  4. Dip your brush in slip solution and pat the gel out on the nail tip
  5. Gently place the Nail tip with the padded gel onto your nail
  6. Lightly push down the Nail tip placed a tad above the cuticle (don't want to touch the cuticle)
  7. Clean up any gel that is touching your skin
  8. Smooth out any gaps on the cuticle area and sidewalls
  9. Cure with the nail tips on your nail for 30-60 seconds (depends on how much and big the nail is)
  10. Remove the nail tip by rocking the nail tips side to side
  11. Shape, File/Buff your nail and apply top coat and you're done!

How much Polygel should I use?

Always start with small dabs of polygel and practice will help you see how much is needed per nail, but we recommend starting small as you can always add more but will be harder to remove.

What is the Slip Solution? 

The solution is for molding the gel to your desired shape, this will cure over the UV light. If you do not have this (apart of the kit) you may use rubbing alcohol.

If your brush gets sticky re-dip into the solution.

Put some gel on one of the fake nail tips and dip your brush into the solution and into the gel. In a patting motion, do not use too much in the beginning and use according to the motion of the gel. If you want more control, more solution. Always press on lightly as too much pressure can mess up the final design. 

How long to cure (UV) Nails?

Cure your nails after putting on the fake nail tips. First cure the back of the nails for 60 seconds (palm facing toward the ground). Then flip your finger and cure the front for another 30 seconds (palm facing the sky). Then remove the fake tips using a rocking motion from side to side to take the tips off.

After curing file and shape/buff, and apply top coat for finish.

I have some air bubbles on my nail/cuticle area

We find this occurs if we didn't prep our nails properly such as not having a clean nail plate or applying a base coat. Simply apply some base coat to the gaps/air bubble areas (it is okay if it goes over the polygel) and refill with polygel molding with the slip solution. Then cure the area again.

How to remove the nails?

How to remove at home without drills or tools:

  • Get a ziplock bag that can fit your hands in, and put 1-2 paper towels inside in a U-shape
    • Put 1/4 cup of 100% acetone inside
    • put 1 tablespoon of olive oil (this is to protect your hands from too much dehydration and burning sensations) Do not put too much as acetone will not work.
  • Get a bowl of hot/extra-warm water 
  • Put your nails in the ziplock bag where the paper towel covers your hand on both sides.
    • Now place this ziplock bag in the water and wait for 10 minutes.
  • After 10 minutes you can flake off the polygel off, if there are parts that are still hard to take off DO NOT FORCE any polygel off as it can damage your beautiful natural nails
    • Simply repeat by placing your hand in the ziplock into the water for another 10 minutes. Do this in 10 minute increments. Can take up to 30-40minutes.
  • Push off excess polygel with a wooden cuticle pusher as a metal one will can be painful