VertaHappy™ Magnet Back Stretcher
VertaHappy™ Magnet Back Stretcher
VertaHappy™ Magnet Back Stretcher
VertaHappy™ Magnet Back Stretcher
VertaHappy™ Magnet Back Stretcher

VertaHappy™ Magnet Back Stretcher

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"I crave this all day after sitting on my chair for hours, the sound and feeling is unbeatable, Amazing"

You don't realize how stiff your back is until you stand up from sitting all day and all you want is to stretch each vertebrae out and hear all the cracks. With the VertaHappy Back Stretcher, you can feel the refreshing feeling of your spine extending out, releasing the tension and gas build-up within the bones.

Three stretch options are available to release tension between your lower back, middle back, and upper back. The combination of silicone needles and magnets on the main compartment caters to the precise angle of your spine, increasing blood flow, and stimulating energy within your blood cells. Feel the sensational feeling of stretching the stiffness out of your back today with the VertaHappy Back Stretcher.

Relieve Back Pain In Just a few minutes

How does it work?

The VertaHappy Back Stretcher has 2 compartments: the floor base and the main bendable back stretcher. The main compartment is lined with silicone needles and magnets to help increase blood flow and reduce aches.

The stretcher has three positions available to lock by connecting with the floor plate to stretch out your lower, middle, and upper back. This can also be used to adjust for stronger stretches.

How long should you use it? 

We recommend stretching when your back hurts or feels stiff, usually 5-10 minute sessions for the best effect. You can do this up to 3-4 times a day. Can be used on the floor or even sitting on a chair.

Longer sessions at levels 1-2 for helping to correct posture for 10-20 minutes, once per day.

Who is this for? 

For you! 

Anyone from severe back pain to people who just like to stretch their back - this is a great tool to have as a part of your daily routine. 

Professionally tested to aid in tension relief, muscle spasm treatment, pinched nerves, sciatica, herniated discs, degeneration, excessive flexion, tight knots, and more! 

Designed to hold up to 200kg/450lbs and not break!

Materials and Care:
  • Content:
    • ABS, Magnets


  • 1 x VertaHappy™ Magnet Therapy Back Stretcher
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