WaistFit™ Waist Shapewear Wrap Belt Trainer
WaistFit™ Waist Shapewear Wrap Belt Trainer
WaistFit™ Waist Shapewear Wrap Belt Trainer
WaistFit™ Waist Shapewear Wrap Belt Trainer
WaistFit™ Waist Shapewear Wrap Belt Trainer

WaistFit™ Waist Shapewear Wrap Belt Trainer

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Embrace your Curves & Create that Dream Hourglass Figure That You've Always Wanted!

"I was extremely skeptical about this belt!! I have tried to reduce my stomach with vitamins, exercise, and fasting but I had basically just accepted that a snatched look was impossible. After putting this belt on it was like magic! Instantly holds my stomach in and I can now say that I am thoroughly convinced that I can rock any dress my new belt!!! Its been a few months and it also has definitely shaped my waist in and my friends even thought that I got my waist done!!" - 5/5 A.B -Verified Review
Instantly Get the Snatched Look with our FiberLatex® Compression! Seamless, Lightweight, & Invisible compression Under any Dress

How Does WaistFit™ Work?

Our WaistFit™ Waist Shapewear Belt uses FibreLatex® Technology to compress and tighten the belly. Most customers see results when wearing it for 6 hours a day - in about 2 weeks! The Belt snatches the waist instantly to create that Hourglass figure look, perfect for dressing up and night outs. 

Shape Waistline & Corrects Posture With Daily Wear 


  • Instantly Get the Snatched Look - Wraps around your waist, ANY shape or size will fit our Size One or Size Two to get snatched!
  • FibreLatex® Technology - Using High-quality Compressing Latex, promotes compression on belly for shaping

  • Perfect for Postpartum Moms - Many Moms have seen shaping in the belly and experienced that WaistFit™ help with loose skin and closing diastasis recti.
  • Shapes Waistline & Corrects Posture - After wearing WaistFit™ for 6-8 hours a day for 2 weeks, customers have noticed a slimmer waist. The compression also helps correct posture with its balanced shaping design.

How to use our WaistFit™ Waist Shapewear Belt Trainer
  1. Simply, loop the belt with the small band to create a hole to step in. 
  2. Step in the hole and lift the belt to your waist.
  3. Then snatch your waist by wrapping your belt around it until it reaches the velcro strap
  4. Wear it for 5-8 hours a day for maximum long-term results!
Our WaistFit™ Waist Shapewear Belt Trainer is designed for EVERYONE! Big or petite, with our 2 sizes, our WaistFit™ can Handle any waist size! Get a dream waistline over time and instantly get the snatched look for night-outs!

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  • 1 x WaistFit™ Waist Wrap Belt Trainer
  • One-size: 4m/157.5 inches width: 5 inches
  • Plus-size: 5m/197 inches width: 5.5 inches
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Emily K.

    Was a little skeptical about this purchase but after I got it I was very happy with it. It fits perfect. I am able to do my full work out including my ab exercises in this and the previous waist trainer I had I could barely move in it. I am loving this one. It’s been about a month and it’s still holding up. I sweat pretty hard in it. Def worth the price.

    Plus my mom sees me every day and she even noticed my waist is shrinking lol. She actually got exciting telling her goddaughter on the phone that I'm looking like a Coca Cola bottle. That was a little extreme, but I do see my waist shrinking.


    I upgraded from a basic waist trimmer to the WaistFit. and have already lost 2 inches off my waist in one month. This one is high-quality, gives great support, and shapes my waist like a corset. I love it. I had it on one day and a friend gave me a great complement.

    It also came in came in way earlier than expected and I've been wearing it for a week. I believe it has straightened my back and is actually correcting my posture!

    So good

    I've used other shape wear and waist trainers that move, u don't see any difference, they show under clothing etc. Now this right here, fits like a glove, I be snatched all day, I wear it to work for 13hrs, and it's totally comfortable, does not move an inch!


    I was little skeptical about buying a product such as this. But after 2 c-sections, and terrible eating habits, my tum has gotten out of control.

    I’m 5ft 4in, 198lbs and I also have a very long waist, and the length fit perfectly which is a hard thing to achieve for me. I wear it for 2 hours a day while working around the house, and it makes me sweat!! I can actually see and feel the difference after every use. And it has fantastic lower back support, which is great for house work.


    I definitely works! And it’s easy to wrap around.