Belle's PostureLock™ Corrector (Removes Humpback & Back Pain Relief)
Belle's PostureLock™ Corrector (Removes Humpback & Back Pain Relief)
Belle's PostureLock™ Corrector (Removes Humpback & Back Pain Relief)
Belle's PostureLock™ Corrector (Removes Humpback & Back Pain Relief)
Belle's PostureLock™ Corrector (Removes Humpback & Back Pain Relief)
Belle's PostureLock™ Corrector (Removes Humpback & Back Pain Relief)
Belle's PostureLock™ Corrector (Removes Humpback & Back Pain Relief)
Belle's PostureLock™ Corrector (Removes Humpback & Back Pain Relief)
Belle's PostureLock™ Corrector (Removes Humpback & Back Pain Relief)
Belle's PostureLock™ Corrector (Removes Humpback & Back Pain Relief)

Belle's PostureLock™ Corrector (Removes Humpback & Back Pain Relief)

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Instantly Correct Posture and Relieve Stiff Back Pain & Humpbacks

‍‍PostureLock™ creates correct posture by aligning the spine, back, and neck to their Natural Curvature. This also helps decompress the spine and reduces stress on the vertebrae to release any pain from weighted pressure. Use it for 15 Minutes a day for your body to memorize the perfect posture.

PostureLock™ Locks in place to work for both Adults & Children!

How does our PostureLock™ Corrector work?

Our PostureLock™ Corrector uses our FoamFlex Extension poles with a locking mechanism to lock any Back in the correct posture. Placing your arms behind and holding them in place helps the spine align naturally to its correct curvature. With no external force except your own positioning makes our PostureLock™ Corrector safe to use and creates Posture-memory retention with daily use! This trains the 3 posture-intensive areas simultaneously: Head, Back, & Spine.

Correct your posture anytime! Easy to set up and train anywhere!


  • Targets the Head, Back, & Spine- Our PostureLock™ Corrector aligns the Head, Back, and spine in the correct posture by holding your arms. 
  • Corrects PostureOur PostureLock™ Corrector corrects Posture instantly and stretches out your vertebrae over longer use. Creating the natural curvature of your spine.
  • Back Pain Relief & Humpback Removal- The PostureLock™ Corrector relieves Back Pain and removes Humpback by releasing stress in the decompressed vertebrae. By stretching out the spine to its natural curve, this added weight is released and relieves pinched nerves. Over time this will also help remove Humpbacks as well.
  • Confidence Boost with increased Height- The PostureLock™ Corrector also creates inner confidence as the natural posture adds more height. Perfect for photos and events!
  • Easy to use & Creates Posture-Memory - Using our PostureLock™ Corrector every day with 10-15 minute sessions will create muscle memory to naturally stay in the correct position.

Developed from wooden sticks to a Comfortable Posture correction experience with FoamFlex Extension poles 

How to use PostureLock™ Corrector

  1. Simply pull PostureLock™ Corrector from its lock

  2. Twist the pole sideways 90° to create a cross

  3. Then push the PostureLock™ pole back in 

  4. After setting up, put PostureLock™ behind your back and put both arms behind, and warp around the poles

  5. Use it for 10-15 minutes a day to see muscle memory in posture. You may use this multiple times throughout the day in these timed sessions

You can use PostureLock™ Corrector in Three Different Training exercises!

Perfect for Daily use to Correct Posture & Back Pain Relief!

Designed to align your Head, Spine, and Back to the Natural Curvature of your spine for correct posture!

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Materials and Care:
  • Content:
    • Material:  FoamFlex™ Foam, Steel Iron & Lock


      • x1 Belle's PostureLock™ Corrector (Removes Humpback & Back Pain Relief)
        • Easy Assembly process 
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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 25 reviews
        Immediate and Significant Results!!!

        This worked so fast! Ive only used it a couple of times this week but even after the first time I used it (only for about 15 minutes) my posture immediately improved even when I wasnt using it anymore. Its a apart of my daily routine now and I use it twice a day, the results are amazing!

        Noticed a difference immediately. (With UPDATE)

        Wow putting this on I felt relief in my upper back/shoulder blades immediately. I can feel the stretching and aligning my spine to the correct posture. I used Posturelock for 15-30 minutes at night while watching TV with my husband and its just a fun way to train my body. I personally didnt think it changed my appearance until I walked by my husband a few weeks later and he told me I looked different. Good different he clarified. Background on me: Im 53, 130lbs, medium build. Ive had large breasts and bad posture since I was 14, which caused neck and upper back pain. I was a year-round swimmer for years, so I have broad shoulders that are still kind of awkward to me even after years of not swimming competitively. Ive seen a chiropractor every week since high school for my neck and back pain, which helped but never fully alleviated the discomfort for long enough to skip a week. So this is amazing as its cost-effective and IT ACTUALLY WORKS! THANKS POSTURELOCK!


        Posturelock is amazing. Easy to setup and a great tool to just train posture. It feels really good holding it up and doesnt require that much energy haha. I also do the other exercises included and its a great stretch workout, I use mine everyday and have noticed my posture improved significantly.

        Really does work

        I have a pinched nerve in my neck and was looking for immediate relief. I can't take most OTC pain meds, so I thought this would do the job. I purchased this from an ad I saw and I ordered it. I've only used it for a couple of days but it worked immediately - I no longer have pain when sitting at my desk at work. The only drawbacks are that you can't use it while sleeping, which is where I really need relief, but using it while watching Netflix is just relaxing. The straps twist and pull off easily and it's hard to get both sides on accurately.

        I highly recommend this company and product!! AAA+++

        Had sever shoulder pain in the clavicle and humerus part of the shoulder from working a desk job. Posturelock provides immediate relief and pulls the shoulders down to not be rounded. Even gives me neck stress relief. Can wear it about 1hr a day. Great results!